Agolo- Angelique Kidjo

Okay! Okay!! Okay!!!

Has a song ever put you in a good mood before? Like you start listening to the song and you start smiling and being nice to people for no reason.

I’m telling you that how I feel right now. Like this song is making me happy! I’m shaking in my seat in the office and I’m pretty sure everyone is wondering what’s wrong with me! LOOOOOL (I’m creep walking in my seat).

Damn! Angelique Kidjo tho! The rhythm on this song and just brings smiles to my face.

It takes me back to when I was very little (big ups to all the 90s kids)


Wombo lombo – Angelique Kidjo

So for a very long time I did not understand a thing she was saying in this song, but I know that the song was one the songs that defined my childhood. Its funny how even after so many years this song still feels very good to play.

Everything from the production and the delivery can rival what is being produced today almost 20 years later)

So I was riding shotgun in an Uber and this song came on, something about about the song got me moving my head (maybe it was the ambience the song created in the cab combined with the sexy “its about to rain weather” weather) and it felt really good.

So I fired up Deezer and looked the song up and I’m still playing it while I work (and blog).

It feels good to go back to evergreen songs, they set the stage for beautiful experiences.

heres the song


PS: I think she was talking about a type of dance…

Ed Sheeran – Eraser

So there’s this thing that I do with music. I could listen to an album now, leave it for while then go back to it and all of a sudden the album/song takes on a new sound.

This is the case with Ed Sheeran’s “Devide” album. So I heard it and thought “Good album”… ALAS! I fired up Deezer (my music app) and all of a sudden this hard hitting rap song comes up (not that I haven’t heard it before).  Continue reading

Holy – Donnie McClurkin

Okay this is special birthday shout out. Dedicated to me 🙂

This is the song I want to begin the next birth year singing.

I’ve been through a lot

I’ve not always been faithful

but God as always been there for me

and a lot of times I don’t deserve it

but I guess that’s what grace is

So this is shout out the the holy God

Thank you for blessing me

Yours in Awe


Here’s the song


My Future Wife (Spoken Word)

When people ask me about my wedding,

I never really know what to say,

When they ask me about my future wife,

I always tell them,

That are eyes are the only christmas lights that deserve to be seen all year long

I tell them…

That she has a walk that can make an atheist believe in God just long enough to say  “GOD DAMN!!”

I tell them

That if my alarm clock sounded like her voice my snooze button would collect dust

I tell them…

That if she came in a bottle I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys

I tell them…

That is she were a book, I would memorise her tiny little contents,

I would read her cover to cover hoping to find typos just so we can both have something to work on

Because aren’t we all unfinished?

Don’t we all need editing?

aren’t we all waiting read by someone praying they would tell us that we make sense

She don’t always make sense,

but I swear to God her imperfections are the things that I love about her the most

I don’t know when I would be married

I don’t know where I would be married

but I do know this…

Whenever I’m asked to describe my future wife

I do so as best as I can

and every single time

she sounds a lot like YOU

Farewell – Rihanna

So I don’t know how I never heard this song from Rihanna. Then again I never really listened to her “Talk that Talk” album.

So this kinda explains what is means to love someone (not the nonsensical bullshit we call LOVE this days).

When you love someone you put their happiness above all else, even above what ever feelings you have for them.

So I’ll let the song do the talking.